Tempo 2.12

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An agenda where you can save important notes that tell you with an alarm when the time comes.

If your working or personal life is hectic, then more than once you`ve probably forgotten pending tasks or appointments. And that`s normal, as the human head can`t remember everything. So, what you urgently need is an agenda like Tempo.

Tempo is an agenda where you can note down the different tasks or events that are pending, associating each note to a time. When that time arrives, it tells you with an alarm and shows you the corresponding note. If you want, the notes can also be printed out.

In the Tempo agenda you can also define repeated notes, so that the same one is repeated at specific time intervals (like minutes, hours, days, etc). The size of the notes is configurable by the user. There is an internal searcher to quickly locate any of these written reminders.


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